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 Funding News
We have been blessed with the amazing generosity of so many donors from around the world. We’ve put out several calls for financial support and whether it’s been asking for funding for our rent using our website, asking for money for tables and chairs through Facebook, or requesting donations for computers for our I.T. lab through Global Giving, every time we’ve had some amazing people come through for us.
challenges. Initially we were told that to receive funding, we had to be more than just an idea; we had to be doing tangible work with proven results. However, now that we’ve been doing more tangible work, we have learned that the large foundations, corporations, and governments generally only support organizations with at least three years of operations. This has not deterred our quest to secure funding for the project. After seeking the advice of a number of experts with experience, we are refocusing our funding requests on smaller family foundations and smaller corporations. We will wait to work on government funding until
Corporate Social Responsibility department of a small or medium sized company or anyone who works with a family foundation, we would greatly appreciate an introduction!

We have also partnered with Benevity and the American Online Giving Foundation, organizations that provide matching donation services for individuals working at a variety of companies. Check with your company to see if they will match your donation to Welcome Ideas. If they match through Benevity or American Online Giving Foundation, it should be a simple process.
Thank you all for your continued support, both financial or otherwise. If you are not yet a financial supporter of Welcome Idea and would like to be, please visit:
Finding more permanent, large scale funding is a high priority for Welcome Ideas but being a new organization, this is one of our biggest
Finding more permanent, large scale funding is a high priority for Welcome Ideas
we have the capacity to meet the strict government funding requirements.
If you know of anyone who works in the

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