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   Big Ideas
Big Ideas
   Student Nutrition
In June, we recognized that a majority of our students were coming to school hungry, without having breakfast. This impacted their ability to concentrate and participate in class which undoubtably had an impact on their learning. To address this, in June we began providing a small loaf of bread, butter, and ginger tea to students in the morning before class. We noticed that this not only helped students better engage in the classroom, it also helped ensure that students were on-time to class. We now open the school one hour before class so that students can arrive early, have a small breakfast, and relax.
In the future, should funding allow, we would like to expand our breakfast offerings and also offer a nutritional lunch. One of the big reasons that students miss class is if they get a one day job that can provide them with short-term money for food. If we are able to offer breakfast and lunch, we can better ensure students don’t have to make a difficult decision between a
one day job and school – they can focus on their studies.
Your donations have made our breakfast program possible. If you would like to help us expand our nutrition program, email: [email protected]
Welcome Ideas Library
Since December of 2018, Welcome Ideas has received over 200 kg of textbooks from Stenden University in the Netherlands. Thanks to the generous donation from the university, facilitated by a dear friend of Welcome Ideas, we now have the largest tourism library in Zanzibar. We hope to supplement our library with online resources
soon and will be receiving additional textbooks from Stenden University and several sources in the U.S. in the near future. Another big thank you goes to TUI who transported the textbooks from Amsterdam to Zanzibar free of charge with the help of some great friends in Holland.

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