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  Big Ideas
Quick Updates
April: School opens in Kiembe Samaki
Moving into our new building was a big step in fulfilling our mission. It was full of ups and downs as we prepared for our first classes, but it finally feels like home.
May: Welcome Ideas starts short courses for 26 students
After interviewing almost 100 potential applicants, we accepted 13 young men and 13 young women into our short course programs. For 12 weeks these students attended Introduction to Tourism and Tourism Leadership Development.
June: Students visit Prison Island
For many of our students, our first field trip to Prison Island wasn’t just their first time to the island - it was their first time to be a tourist. We are constantly looking for opportunities to take our students into the field and provide them with new and exciting experiences.
July: Welcome Ideas complete Global Giving Accelerator
On July 1st it was official! Thanks to the generosity of so many friends and family, Welcome Ideas graduated from the Global Giving Accelerator Program. We not only raised close to $7,000 for our IT Lab, we also now have the ability to use the Global Giving platform to access a large number of corporate donors throughout the U.S.
August: First Student Business Opens
One of our students, Feisal, opened his own small tourism business in the heart of Stone Town. With the help of a generous German investor, ZNZ Msuo Juice Bar offers delicious juices and smoothies to tourists and locals 7-days a week.
September: Welcome Ideas now has 42 students
In September, 16 new students joined the Welcome Ideas program bringing the total number of students served by Welcome Ideas to 42.


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