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  Big Ideas
Welcome Ideas Arrives in Kiembe Samaki

   Thanks to the generosity of so many wonderful people like you, we moved into our new Zanzibar school building in late March/early April. We had planned to move into another facility in February, but after long delays and frustrating negotiations with the landlord, we decided it would be best to look for a different location. We couldn’t be happier with this location. We’re located between Stone Town & the airport in a great neighborhood
called Kiembe Samaki. It’s on several common public transportation routes and is a few blocks off the main road so it’s quiet and a great learning environment.
After doing a little renovation, the building now has 3 classrooms, an I.T. lab, a library, a kitchen, 5 toilets, a student lounge, a teacher’s office, administration office, and a reception area. We hired local fundis (carpenters,
electricians, plumbers, and furniture makers) to prepare the building for students. It’s been great to see the building transform from an empty canvas to a facility that is abuzz with the life and laughter of our students.
We hope that we’re able to occupy this space for at least the next 3 years, if not longer. We’re working on
becoming a part of the Kiembe Samaki community and we’ve recruited several students from the neighborhood, with plans to bring in more in the future.
   Welcome Ideas Reception
   Our Student Lounge

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