Welcome Ideas Overview
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        Welcome Ideas is a US based 501c3 Non-Profit Corporation, operating in Zanzibar, Tanzania as a registered Non- Governmental Organization (NGO). Through education, support, networking, and pop-up facilities, Welcome Ideas helps members of the local Zanzibar community develop, finance, and operate their own tourism related businesses. By encouraging and enabling entrepreneurship in the tourism sector, Welcome Ideas hopes to reduce the economic leakage associated with tourism in Zanzibar, allowing the tourism economy to better benefit the local communities. Our programs and recruitment efforts are targeted at the economically disadvantaged, the youth, and the women of Zanzibar, individuals often left out of the tourism sector on the island.
Welcome Ideas will offer diploma & certificate programs through our module-based curriculum, designed to develop the knowledge, competencies, and skills of future tourism entrepreneurs.
To help new tourism entrepreneurs achieve success during their first few years of operation, Welcome Ideas will offer support and professional services to these new tourism businesses.
   Pop-Up Facilities
Welcome Ideas will furnish entrepreneurs with the use of pop-up facilities to test their business ideas. We will also assist by providing them with feedback, metrics, and financial reporting.
Our Beneficiaries
Despite the wealth of tourism options that Zanzibar has to offer, the local population sees very little direct, indirect, or induced economic impact from tourism. Non-Zanzibari investors continue to own a majority of the tourism related businesses on the island and tourism businesses often do not hire from the local community. Welcome Ideas aims to help bring the economic benefits and ownership of the tourism product to more Zanzibaris.
Although the services of Welcome Ideas are available to all local residents, programs are designed specifically to address the needs of young adults, women, and the economically disadvantaged. Admissions and recruitment efforts will specifically target these particularly vulnerable communities.
We will help beneficiaries network with the government, professional service providers and other business leaders.

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