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 Academic Programs
The competency based educational programs offered by Welcome Ideas were developed from on the ground research in Zanzibar that included industry leaders, government officials, academic experts, NGOs, potential beneficiaries, and successful tourism entrepreneurs. Students who complete the following modules will be eligible for a VTA level* certificate in that corresponding module. Eligible student who complete all six modules will receive a NACTE level* diploma.
   Introduction to Tourism Business Management & Business Planning
   Tourism Business Finance & Accounting
    Tourism Marketing & Communications
   Information Technology in Tourism
   Tourism Operations Management
   Legal Compliance & Human Resources in Tourism
 *pending VTA and NACTE certification, accreditation and approval.
Our team in Zanzibar and in the U.S. is committed to opening doors to tourism entrepreneurship for Zanzibaris who often do not see the economic benefits of tourism. Our Board of Trustees in Zanzibar and Board of Directors in the U.S. are volunteers who are industry leaders; they ensure we remain focused on our mission and have the resources needed to help support these tourism business entrepreneurs. Our paid staff in Zanzibar is made up of tourism and business professionals with both impressive academic qualifications and immense industry experience – they are true role-models for our students and beneficiaries. In addition to our Zanzibari paid staff, international volunteers assist in providing our students with a global perspective on tourism and entrepreneurship. [email protected]
+255 774 433 670 +255 772 333 670
P.O. Box 3580
Shangani Post Office, Zanzibar

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